A Message from our General Manager

A Message from our General Manager

We are delighted to announce that Johno Williams has accepted the move to the newly created role as General Manager. Johno has filled this role with effect from October 2nd.

Here are a few words from Johno.

Patton Engineering has been one of the mainstay Engineering Companies in Hawkes Bay for a long time now and one that I have been lucky enough to be a part of for the last 17 years.


Throughout my tenure with the Pattons I have been a passionate advocate for growth and development and trust that the relationships I have developed with our clients has shown both the company and myself to be willing and capable partners to local industries engineering needs.


Both Patton Engineering and Hawkes Bay Sandblasting have gone through some significant changes in the last 3 years with accreditations; Pattons with AZ/NZS 3834 and Hawkes Bay Sandblasting with PCCP (Painting Contractor Certification Programme) and ISO 14001 which is an Environmental Management system. This has been driven by both Mike and Gavin in their never ending quest to not only be the best engineering provider in Hawkes Bay but to also advertise their commitment on a broader spectrum that Patton Engineering is a one stop shop to look after everyone’s engineering needs. Gaining all three of these accreditations has meant we are now the only company nationwide to fly that banner to which an enormous amount of satisfaction has been gained by all in the company that have been involved with obtaining them.


I remain committed to nurturing the relationships that have been developed, and am keen and eager to take our company through an exciting new phase of expansion. As a company we value our relationships with our clients, suppliers and staff, and I cherish the opportunity that has been granted to me by Gavin and Mike to play a more pivotal role in the company’s future.


Mike and Gavin have equitably pushed Health and Safety throughout all facets of the business; they have been absolutely resolute in their commitment to ensure all of their employees go home at the end of each working day. I will be taking the great work they have developed over the years and will continue to strive that all of Pattons employees are suitably trained to undertake any and all tasks pertaining to our client’s needs, we aim to be the best!!


Whilst there is some pretty big shoes to fill I look forward with the help of my colleagues to a positive and vibrant future for our company, which can only be achieved by our continuing to provide high quality products and service to our valued clients.


I look forward to continuing the legacy that has been created before me for many years to come looking after all of your engineering needs.


Johno Williams
General Engineering Manager & Hawkes Bay Sandblasting Manager