Hawke’s Bay Opera House: Category Winner 2008

Winner of ‘Buildings up to three Storeys’ category at the inaugural Steel Construction New Zealand (SCNZ) ‘Excellence in Steel Construction’ awards.

Patton Engineering assisted in design, and in turn manufactured and installed a retractable roof to cover the exterior plaza adjacent to the newly refurbished HB Opera House in Hastings. The structure consists of 3 steel trusses (each weighing 6 tonnes) that are curved across the plaza. The trusses provide support for the retractable canvas roofing – which is opened and closed by engaging the electric drives (also built by Patton Engineering)


  • Client: Hastings District Council

  • Architect: Shand Shelton Ltd

  • Location: Hastings

  • Referee: Roger Shand – Architect

  • Phone: 04 8015 170

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Certifications & Accreditations

All Patton Engineering Welders are qualified to AS/NZS 2980, with some also being qualified to ASME. We have three in-house Welding Supervisors qualified to AS/NZS 2214.

Patton Engineering Group are currently the only New Zealand Engineering Company to currently have all accreditation’s as per below:

Accredited Steel Fabricator to Steel Construction New Zealand Steel Fabricator Certification Scheme

Steel Fabricator Certification (SFC) is a certification scheme to ensure participating steel fabricators have the capability to manufacture product of the necessary quality. SFC provides procurers and specifiers with not only greater certainty of product quality, but that they are dealing with a fabricator who has proven procedures and personnel that, together, represent international best practice.

Accredited to AS/NZS ISO 3834: Category 3

Welding is a so-called “special” process, which means that a complete verification of the welded join is not possible without destroying it. Therefore, to ensure the proper quality of the welded product and to optimise manufacturing cost, the whole welding process must be controlled from the very start. For structural steel applications, this is achieved by applying a quality management system ISO 3834. A key feature of this standard is the requirement to ensure that people with welding responsibilities are competent to discharge those responsibilities. This is achieved by incorporation of another standard: ISO 14731 “Welding Co-ordination – Tasks and responsibilities”.





What is the ISO 14001 standard?

ISO 14001 standard provides guidance on how to consider multiple aspects of your business procurement, storage, distribution, product development, manufacturing, etc.- so that it reduces its impact on the environment. It also drives you to evaluate how you manage emergency response, customer expectations, stakeholders and your relationships with your local community.