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Mayoral Award Received by Patton Engineering

We are very humbled and proud to announce that Patton Engineering received a distinguished Mayoral Award

at the Hastings District Council Civic Honour Awards on Thursday August 27 for our Hastings Boys’ High School Technology Initiative.

We accepted this award from Sandra Hazlehurst, Mayor of Hastings at Toitoi – Hawke’s Bay Arts & Events Centre on behalf of all of the businesses, individuals and stakeholders that have contributed to bringing this initiative to life. Thank you to all of you!

If you want to find out more about the initiative, head to the website www.hastingsboystechnology.co.nz and if you’d like to contribute to the success of our industries, then feel free to get in touch.


Here’s Johno accepting the award on the night.


SCNZ December 2018 Newsletter – HBHS Initiative

What an honour to have our business and Hastings Boys’ High School acknowledged by SCNZ in their December newsletter (have a read from page 5).

Again we can’t thank enough all stakeholders that have come on board to make this partnership work. They are all generous privateers, giving up their own time and money free of charge.

Thanks One Foundation Limited, Fletcher Steel, Weldwell, Strata Group Consulting Engineers, BOC, Moore Stephens Markhams, Steel & Tube, Best Forsyth Electrical, Sharp Edge Engineering, McLaren Stainless, DSK, Chemz and M&M Tibbles Construction.

Read the full newsletter here.



Apprenticeships 2019

For the very first time, we are delighted to announce the three Patton Engineering Apprenticeship winners for 2019.
We will be taking on apprentices from Hastings Boys’ High School every year going forward, to contribute to the future of our industry and the futures of our community’s youth.

As part of our Hastings Boys’ High School Initiative we are committed to training students at grass roots level (ages 15-17), exposing them to the industry and providing opportunities and work experience. We hope that in conjunction with many other local businesses we can spark interest in the younger generation about the industry options available and provide guidance on their potential career direction.

After having many of the Engineering boys partake in work experience in our workshop on Tuesday fortnights, we have identified three young men who we have awarded apprenticeships at Patton Engineering in 2019.

Congratulations to Tama Dunn, Caleb Ireland and Ektaj Singh. We look forward to having you on board!


Tama Dunn

Year 12
Age 17
Parents: Ricky Dunn & Rosie Robb
Siblings: Younger brothers, Zavier & Kylo

Tama started welding at HBHS just this year, and has proved he’s a real natural
when it comes to craftsmanship.

A very keen and talented rugby player (playing second five-eighths for the school
and the Hurricanes Under 17s and first five for Hawke’s Bay), he has shown he’s
quick and skillful with his hands off the field too.

Tama’s interest in welding started when he was working for his Uncle’s
construction business in Wellington over the Christmas holidays. He was
working on a 18 story high building hanging from a harness when he spotted
some welders and had no qualms about striking up a conversation about what
they were up to.

When he went down to Queenstown to visit family he came up with the idea of a
sun lounger for his main project for Year 12. He saw your standard fabric-based
sun lounger and thought he could make a longer-lasting, more durable version
with a steel framework and wooden slats. It looks a lot nicer too!

Tama’s dream is to be an All Black, and he’s not going to give up on this as he’s
determined to go far in his rugby career. Tama’s other goal is to complete his
apprenticeship then move on to the Navy to become an Underwater Welding
Diver – something he saw his Uncle do growing up.

When asked what he is most looking forward to about his 2019 Apprenticeship
at Patton Engineering, he replied “Finally becoming a man, and looking after
myself, especially so I don’t’ have to ask Dad for gas money.”

Caleb Ireland

Year 12
Age 16
Parents: Andrew & Sandra Ireland
Siblings: Brother, Seth

Caleb is a hard working Year 12 student with a three years experience in the
HBHS Engineering department.

Having skills in grinding, welding and all areas of general engineering has really
helped with his passion in Speedway which he’s been doing since he was ten
years old. In fact, his main project for the year was a fully functioning steel cart,
ready to race. This project was based off a stock car design that he and his dad
researched and watched videos on to get the basic designs and functionality

Caleb is not afraid of hard work and has been working part-time at Stephenson
Transport in Waipawa every Friday since Year 9 extending his skills in
engineering. This work experience set him up strongly for his time this year on
the floor at Patton Engineering. Welding is his favourite part of engineering and
that showed when he took part in building a handrail for a Wellington-based

Caleb’s dream is to have his own business, preferably in the truck driving
industry, but to be his own boss is the goal.
When asked what he is most looking forward to about his 2019 Apprenticeship
at Patton Engineering, he replied “Making more money so I can put more into my
Speedway cars”.

Ektaj Singh

Year 13
18 years old
Parents: Jaspreet & Tarnjit Singh
Siblings: younger brother, Kaval

Ektaj is highly motivated and ready to get started in his welding career. He is a
forward-thinker and is very focused on developing his welding technique and
being the absolute best he can be.

Being practical, Ektaj wants to use his hands in his career, to create and be a
master of his skills. As soon as he saw the opportunity to work in welding and
engineering, he grabbed it knowing it was for him.
His main project this year was his very own grinder, powered by a drill –
innovation at its best!

Ektaj has a strong family bond with his parents which has led to a highly
admirable work ethic and respect for hard work. He has worked all year round
since a young lad on the orchards that his Father manages – picking, thinning,
you name it he did it.

During his time this year at Patton’s, he worked on a beam on the workshop floor
and loved being part of the work environment.

His dream job is to follow in his dad’s footsteps and be an orchard owner. If not
an orchard, it would be a small company, as long as he can be his own boss.

When asked what he is most looking forward to about his 2019 Apprenticeship
at Patton Engineering, he replied “I’m looking forward to learning new skills and
improving myself. My Dad always told me: it’s not about the money, it’s all about
the skill.”


A Message from our General Manager

We are delighted to announce that Johno Williams has accepted the move to the newly created role as General Manager. Johno has filled this role with effect from October 2nd.

Here are a few words from Johno.

Patton Engineering has been one of the mainstay Engineering Companies in Hawkes Bay for a long time now and one that I have been lucky enough to be a part of for the last 17 years.


Throughout my tenure with the Pattons I have been a passionate advocate for growth and development and trust that the relationships I have developed with our clients has shown both the company and myself to be willing and capable partners to local industries engineering needs.


Both Patton Engineering and Hawkes Bay Sandblasting have gone through some significant changes in the last 3 years with accreditations; Pattons with AZ/NZS 3834 and Hawkes Bay Sandblasting with PCCP (Painting Contractor Certification Programme) and ISO 14001 which is an Environmental Management system. This has been driven by both Mike and Gavin in their never ending quest to not only be the best engineering provider in Hawkes Bay but to also advertise their commitment on a broader spectrum that Patton Engineering is a one stop shop to look after everyone’s engineering needs. Gaining all three of these accreditations has meant we are now the only company nationwide to fly that banner to which an enormous amount of satisfaction has been gained by all in the company that have been involved with obtaining them.


I remain committed to nurturing the relationships that have been developed, and am keen and eager to take our company through an exciting new phase of expansion. As a company we value our relationships with our clients, suppliers and staff, and I cherish the opportunity that has been granted to me by Gavin and Mike to play a more pivotal role in the company’s future.


Mike and Gavin have equitably pushed Health and Safety throughout all facets of the business; they have been absolutely resolute in their commitment to ensure all of their employees go home at the end of each working day. I will be taking the great work they have developed over the years and will continue to strive that all of Pattons employees are suitably trained to undertake any and all tasks pertaining to our client’s needs, we aim to be the best!!


Whilst there is some pretty big shoes to fill I look forward with the help of my colleagues to a positive and vibrant future for our company, which can only be achieved by our continuing to provide high quality products and service to our valued clients.


I look forward to continuing the legacy that has been created before me for many years to come looking after all of your engineering needs.


Johno Williams
General Engineering Manager & Hawkes Bay Sandblasting Manager



Steel Fabrication Certification for NZ Specifiers

The Steel Fabrication Certification (SFC) scheme introduces a mark of quality to New Zealand’s structural steel sector. It reduces the compliance risk for engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, builders, and building and infrastructure owners.

Significantly, SFC offers independent, expert certification of New Zealand fabrication companies. It provides procurers of locally fabricated structural confidence that certified fabricators have the appropriate personnel and procedures in place to consistently produce work of the required quality.

Today, SFC is transitioning to become a compulsory requirement – all Steel Construction New Zealand (SCNZ) fabricators will be certified by 2020.

What’s more, a new Fabrication and Erection (AS/NZS 5131) Standard has been published. Once adopted in New Zealand, it will provide a standards framework for the technical and quality requirements of the SFC scheme. SFC will help identify fabricators capable of meeting the requirements of this new standard.

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Safer Cycle Bridges for the Bay

Patton Engineering’s work on the cycle/walkway clip-on to Crosses Road Bridge in Havelock North and the Waitangi Bridge at Awatoto are prime examples of the diversity of work we undertake.

We have also recently been involved in the construction of three other smaller bridges, and although this is a new type of project for us, involvement in bridge construction is an area we are now looking to explore further.

As well as broadening our expertise, it’s always great to be a part of projects like this where there is so much benefit to our community.