Mitre 10 Mega Distribution Centre, Palmerston North

‘Stuff’ – 10 January 2018

Construction is almost done for a new Mitre 10 trade and distribution centre in Palmerston North that will significantly boost the company’s local stock levels.
Mitre 10 Mega Palmerston North managing director Andrew Stewart said it would replace the company’s off-site warehouse and serve as a delivery hub for customers in Palmerston North and the surrounding area.

“We’ve got a great location in town but, unfortunately, we can’t fit everything in it, so we’ve had to rely on off-site storage and distribution.”
The 3350-square-metre building going up at the corner of Bourke and Walding streets, and stretching through to Waldegrave St, will significantly increase the amount of trade supplies and retail goods that Mitre 10 can have on hand in the city.

Stewart said the company would have stock levels to rival all its competitors combined in Palmerston North.
Construction began in September, and the centre is expected to be completed in March.

Four staff, including truck drivers based at the existing warehouse, will move to the new centre once it’s finished and a new employee will be added to the team.
Humphries Construction, which also built the new FMG building on the corner of Pitt and Church streets, is building the warehouse.
Stewart said the construction would help boost development and growth in the central city. “And it’ll look pretty good, too. It’s definitely more attractive than the derelict lot that was there.”

Despite some wild weather, construction has stayed on schedule.
Stewart said work had already stopped for the Christmas holidays during the recent thunderstorms and heavy rain. He hoped the weather would stay mild now the builders were back at work.
“It’s coming along nicely… The roof is going on over the next few weeks and we should be on track for taking over [the site] in April.”


  1. Warehouse / distribution centre

  2. 3500m² covered floor area plus 650m² canopy

  3. 49m clear span

  4. Steltec columns and rafters

  5. Principle – Humphries Construction

  6. 128.5 tonnes structural steel