An exciting and complex project involving parabolic curves to large diameter – heavy wall pipe; this project certainly provided it’s share of challenges for our fabrication team.

As this was a seismic strengthening structure, welding was to an extremely high standard and required a significant level of UT.

There were a large number of complex joints incorporating coping to large numbers of intersecting members. Overall the main truss was around 30 meters long and presented challenges even just in handling.

Once fabrication was completed the entire structure received a hi-spec surface treatment of Thermal Arc Aluminium spray, followed by a coat of Epoxy and two coats of Polyurethane for UV protection. The structure needed to be handled with the proverbial kid gloves throughout transportation and installation.


  1. 30m Long

  2. High Spec Surface Treatment

  3. Epoxy & Polyurethane coated for UV Protection

Flaxmere Waterworld