Starkist American-Samoa Tuna
Canning Automated Conveyor


Starkist Samoa


Starkist is based in Pago Pago, American Samoa, canning tuna for the US market. They needed an engineering solution which could speed up production of sorting, dumping and filing cans from 500 cans per minute to 1,200 can per minute.

Patton’s Involvement

Patton Engineering visited the plant, established the client’s requirements and returned to Hawke’s Bay to design, build and trial the equipment. Once completed, this was shipped to American Samoa, followed closely by Patton’s staff for installation and commissioning.


Plant and equipment constructed from stainless steel with proprietary conveyor components from world recognized OEM suppliers.

Our Comment

The deadline for this project was six months and Patton’s was able to complete this early. Patton Engineering exceeded the customer’s expectations for this project. They were aiming to increase production to 1,200 cans per minute and Patton’s new machine processes up to 1,600 cans per minute. One piece of equipment replaced four existing processes, with mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic processes all in the one piece of machinery.