Patton Engineering’s work on the cycle/walkway clip-on to Crosses Road Bridge in Havelock North and the Waitangi Bridge at Awatoto are prime examples of the diversity of work we undertake.

We have also recently been involved in the construction of three other smaller bridges, and although this is a new type of project for us, involvement in bridge construction is an area we are now looking to explore further.

As well as broadening our expertise, it’s always great to be a part of projects like this where there is so much benefit to our community.

The two bridges are part of a walkway/cycleway connection that stretches from North of Napier to Hastings. It has been funded by local Rotary clubs.

Being approximately 63 metres in length, and made up of 36 tonnes of steel the Crosses Road Bridge clipon was fabricated in three sections.

Whilst the actual clip-on fabrication process was relatively straight forward, the real challenge came in the installation for us and Morris & Bailey Ltd, the construction contractor.

The combined weight of each section of the clip-on and the cranes used to lift the structure in place was greater than the current bridge would allow. As such, each section of the clip-on had to be secured in place by positioning the cranes on the river banks below the bridge, and in turn lift each section off the truck parked on the bridge above.


  1. 36 Tonnes of Steel

  2. 63m Long

Cycle Bridges