Boulcott Farm Heritage Golf Club

The new club house at Boulcott’s Farm Heritage Golf Club, Lower Hutt, is a light weight single storey portal framed building with part basement.


The overall building is rectangular in shape. The longitudinal axis of the building is orientated approximately east-west and is 40.0 meters long. The transverse axis of the building is orientated approximately north-south and is 27.0 meters. Typical floor to roof heights throughout the building are approximately 3.0 meters to the centre portal knee and 4.5 meters to the centre of the portal ridge. Floor to ceiling height in the basement is approximately 2.7 meters.


The building is founded on reinforced concrete pads and strip foundations with a reinforced concrete slab over. The building is primarily constructed of steel portal frames supporting lightweight roofing and cladding.


Flatdeck composite slab over the basement is supported on blockwork walls to the perimeter and steelwork structure to the centre. The lateral load resisting system of the building in the transverse direction is typically steel portal frames. In the longitudinal direction, steel roof cross bracing transfers lateral load to specifically designed timber shear walls.


The site is located within a “High” wind zone on the Hutt City Council Webmap system. The following unfactored AS/NZS 1170 design wind speeds and pressures are for use in designing and specifying claddings, window suites, and other non-structural elements. Appropriate design factors have been applied to these values in accordance with AS/NZS 1170.