Awatoto Cycle
Way/Clip On


Downer EDI Works


This bridge is part of a walkway/cycleway connection that stretched from North of Napier through to Hastings and has been funded by local Rotary Clubs. The bridge itself required a clip-on for safe passage across the bridge for pedestrians and cyclists.

Patton’s Involvement

Involved in the team that designed and built the clip-on. A 3D model of the project was produced by Patton Engineering and then used for the production of the frames, beams and hand railing. A drilling jig also had to be designed and produced that resulted in fast and accurate drilling for the 11 holes for each of the concrete piers which support the clip-on frames.


The clip-on is 300m long x 2.3m wide and consists of 145 tonne of steel.

Our Comment

This was a challenging project for all departments but a rewarding one as there is so much benefit for our greater community while also broadening our expertise.

John Patten – Downer EDI Ltd

“Patton’s did a great job right from early on in the planning and pricing stages. They had lots of good ideas, suggestions and were able to turn these into reality once the contract commenced.”